Here lies an automatically generated list of our peer-reviewed publications to date. It does not include articles under review, submission, or otherwise in progress.

Conference & Symposium Papers
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Journal Articles
Penzenstadler, B., Raturi, A., Richardson, D. J., Silberman, M. S., & Tomlinson, B. (2015). Collapse (and other futures) software engineering. First Monday.
Penzenstadler, B., Raturi, A., Richardson, D., & Tomlinson, B. (2014). Safety, Security, Now Sustainability: The Nonfunctional Requirement for the 21st Century. IEEE Software, 31(3), 40–47.
Magazine Articles
Raturi, A., & Buckmaster, D. (2019). Growing Plants, Raising Animals, and Feeding Communities through Connected Agriculture: An IoT Challenge. IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, 2(4), 38–43.
Norton, J., Raturi, A., Nardi, B., Prost, S., McDonald, S., Pargman, D., Bates, O., Normark, M., Herbig, N., Dombrowski, L., & Tomlinson, B. (2017, October 25). A grand challenge for HCI: food + sustainability. Interactions, 24(6), 50–55.
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Book Chapters
Raturi, A., Tomlinson, B., & Richardson, D. (2015). Green Software Engineering Environments. In C. Calero & M. Piattini (Eds.), Green in Software Engineering (pp. 31–59). Springer International Publishing.