Juliet Norton

I am an Informatics Research Scholar in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering at Purdue University working with Dr. Ankita Raturi. I am a co-project manager for the NECCC Cover Crop Species Selector Tool and Seeding Rate Calculator, MCCC Seeding Rate Calculator, SCCC Species Selector Tool, and Informatics for Community Food Resilience projects. The bulk of my service work is in support of the Gathering for Open Ag Tech. I am a contributor to the initiatives led by Precision Sustainable Agriculture and OpenTEAM. I work remotely from my home in Martinez, CA.

The coast is
the best office.

Long hikes for
off-line processing.

Living among
urban agriculture.

My driving research interest is to explore and develop the union of agriculture and information ecologies. I particularly like to engage and support farmers, growers, and community food coordinators in efforts to transform the technology-supported food system into one that furthers food security, food sovereignty, and holistic sustainability. Currently I’m involved in curating and serving open plant data, developing open agriculture technology, and exploring the need of and opportunity for technology stewardship in agro-information ecologies.

I began my work at Purdue as a post-doc. Earlier in my post-doc I was with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems at NC State and the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Lab at USDA ARS, where I began my ongoing work on cover crop decision support tools. I received my PhD in Information and Computer Science from the Department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine, where I worked with grassroots sustainable agriculture communities in identifying and addressing the barriers to entry to sustainable agriculture practices. You can download my dissertation here.